My cousin moved to Colorado because she was offered a job that she didn’t want to turn down. She had also always wanted to live in Colorado. After she first moved there, she would come in from time to time and visit our family. Although it wasn’t the same as her living close to me, it was nice to see her. The last time she came in she said she wouldn’t be able to come in for awhile. She wasn’t sure how long it would be, but that she was wanting to save up to buy a house and needed to save as much as possible. She said that I could come visit her any time if I wanted to.

After not seeing her for about a year, but still keeping in contact with her, I told her I wanted to come visit. I had the time saved up to take off from work and would be able to stay for about a week. She said that would work perfect because she could also take about a week off from work so we could hang out and she could show me around the city. We decided the date I would go in and I submitted the request to take the time off from work. It was quickly approved and I let her know that it was a for sure thing and I just had to figure out travel arrangements.

After searching around online I found cheap airline tickets to Colorado. I booked the flight and couldn’t wait to go. Not only was this my first time in Colorado, but it was also my first flight on an airplane. I never really traveled much before and couldn’t wait to see what an experience it was.

I arrived in Colorado and my cousin picked me up at the airport. The flight was not that bad for it being my first time, although I did have to have a drink while I was on the plane. After she picked me up, we went out to eat and then to her apartment. It was nice and cozy and I loved where she lived. It seemed like a nice place. That week we went out to different places and she showed me around. I could definitely tell why she loved living in Colorado. It was a really nice place to visit.